Lvl: 40+
Race: Sinda
Profession: Dragonslayer

Home: Origins unknown; later Moonstone Fortress; later Headquarters of the Dragonslayer Brotherhood
Demeanor: Blunt, Haughty, Commanding
Aka: "Slayer of the Dragon Queen", "The Grandmaster", "New Mother"

Faction: Dragonslayer Brotherhood
Banner/Colours: None
Known allies: Boggostoliitto
Known enemies: King Marath XIV; the Mainland

RM Stats: CO-xx; AG-xx; SD-xx; ME-xx; RE-xx; ST-xx; QU-xx; EM-xx; IN-xx; PR-xx; Appearance: 83.

10 Highest Skill Bonuses:
Languages, Spoken/Written: Sindarin 9/9; Westron 7/7; Bethteur 6/6; Quenya 5/4.

OB: Bastard Sword xx;
DB: xx (without equipment) / xx (maximum)

Description & Background:

Much of Nostarieth’s history is unknown, or yet untold. However, what is known is that she is thousands of years old, the first female Dragonslayer in known history, and presumably a superior fighter. However, none have seen the full extent of her combat prowess.

According to readable parts of the Order of the Dragonslayer Brotherhood’s logbook, she joined the Order on November 27th of 378. She completed her Final Test successfully on November 1st of 378, swore her Oath on December 31st the same year, and her last recounted mission within the Brotherhood was given January 18th of 602. It was mentioned that Master Smith Eöl gifted a sword to her on her Oathtaking party, and it is assumed this sword was crucial on her quest. She is reputed to have defeated the Queen of Dragons. As a result, dragons disappeared, but so did Nostarieth.

She was quickly forgotten, for the memory of the Men is short, and elves cared little of such legends. It was not until 2500 years later when she reappeared, this time as a sellsword. There where whispers of her sword being in the service of Chaos, and according to some (unverified) legends and stories, this was confirmed when she was sighted dueling against her former friend Eöl during the Final Battle of the War. Her exact rank in the Chaos army was unknown. In that war armies of dragons both good and evil, and men and elves, and demons and fouler things, fought over the mastery of Taurdor. Results of the War were cataclysmic. Huge masses of lands drowned to the swallowing sea, creating a distinct and shrouded land called The Island. It previously belonged to the same landmass, but now over 200 miles of deep seawater separated the Island from the Mainland. There were only a handful of survivors, Nostarieth being one of them. Her life and deeds after the War have not been recorded, until she reappeared again about 600 years later.

The party saw Nostarieth, when she was riding from the general direction of the Temple of the Dreams. This happened a few months before the slaying of great wyrm Ashardalon. Soon after the sighting it was confirmed that she was, and is still allied with Chaos. This time she was serving General Dúramael as the Captain of her bodyguard. Once Eöl was told about her reappearance, he confirmed that Nostarieth had not only been his friend, but also a lover. Soon Nostarieth and her general had made a temporary truce with Boggo in order to join their forces against a greater threat - the undead invasion led by the vampire sisters Ariel and Fiona. After the successful joint assault against the undead army and its twin leaders, Nostarieth disappeared again - but only briefly.

Nostarieth had survived the battle together with Dúramael and Zenon. However, the armies of Chaos were defeated and nearly annihilated, and thus her service for Dúramael had ended. Badly wounded, she found refuge at Queen Galadriel's camp, disguised as a common elf. There were several other refugees, who had come from the Mainland, so blending in was trivial; no-one asked her many questions. The assassination of their Queen's diplomat in Gareth left an air of apprehension within the elvish camp, and most of the refugees had experienced hostility on the Mainland.

Soon after settling in and finding her own place, Nostarieth noticed King Boggo and his companions again when they were visiting the Queen to discuss collaboration and co-operation. To her surprise, she learned that they had found the headquarters of her old Order, and thoughts and emotions buried thousands of years ago stirred again, like embers almost burnt getting a gush of fresh air. After a few weeks the Dragonslayer Brotherhood had been re-established with Nostarieth being its self-appointed Grandmaster.


Nostarieth is 6' 5" (193cm) tall and charismatic Sindarin Elf. She is slim but strong and wields her bastard sword with ease. Her red hair is long and straight, with occasional stylish braiding. She has striking green eyes and beautiful face, but she is rarely seen smiling. She is always seen wearing her ornate chain hauberk, and she rarely walks without her magnificent bastard sword. She has several different trinkets, but a common theme of inlaid rubies can be seen. Colour of the rubies match her hair, and to some extent, most of the scales of her cloak.

The Grandmaster sets her newfound Order first and foremost, and runs it with iron grip. She makes this clear to everyone wishing to join the Order. She even said she will personally excecute traitors. The way she said it was not a threat, she simply mentioned it, like it was a trivial thing. The Brothers of the Order must be able to trust their companions fully. The Order does not swear loyalty or fealty to any king or ruler.

Nostarieth knows very well both Shout and Strike -techniques, both developed by the Dragonslayer Brotherhood. She has been able to deny a dragon its ability to fly with a single long Shout. Interestingly enough, one of the Dragons hailed Nostarieth as "A New Mother". When asked, she shrugged the question with round answers, but her answers were truthful and unwavering.

Nostarieth's Principal Items:

Lesser items of note: