Background Options

Here are changes to certain background options. All options are always rolled, except from CL table 15.7.3 Set Options Category. PC may use only half of his backround points (round up) for rolls from two tables below.

1. Skills at Arms

As in the RMC I, except for following options:

04 - Blood Guilt: As in RMC I, but character operates at -50 to all rolls for 1-10 days.
17 - Knighted: As in RMC I, but character receives additional equipment, based on his/her culture. (For example, a knighted Cardolan Highman could receive a lesser warhorse, full shield, breast plate (AT 17) and broadsword).
23 - Lucky: High Open ended -limit is 95 instead of 96, Low Open ended -limit is 04 instead of 05, and -1 to all Fumble Ranges (with minimum of 1).
30 - Animal Friend: As in RMC I, but chance is (35 + Em Mod)% / hour instead of each round.
36 - Look of Eagles: As in RMC I, but allies suffer twice the normal penalty of panic when PC with Look of Eagles panics. This trait with Immowable Will is nice :).
41 - Blessed: When this result is rolled, another roll should be made to determine the type of favor: result 1-151 for Lesser Maia, 152-250 for Greater Maia, and 251+ for Vala. 42 - Judge of Weaponry: PC may determine only non-magical quality bonuses on weapons and armors.

2. Skills at Magic

As in the RMC I, except for following options:

03 - Prejudice: Every time PC encounters his hatred race, PC must resist lvl 5 attack with SD-modification. If PC fails, PC starts to shout insults, harass his victim etc. If PC fails by 51 or more, he attacks his hatred race. If PC fails by 101 or more, he tries to kill his hatred race instantly. Once this occurs, PC must try to kill the target every time he encounters it.
09 - Wrath: As Blessed above, except effects are reversal.
11 - Transcendence: Cost for Transcend Armour is halved.
19 - Aura: PC receives 3 additional PP's / level.
25 - Lore: May learn Arcane Spell Lists as they were his Realm's Closed lists (i.e. Spell Development Cost is not multiplied by 2).
30 - Innate Magician: PC may select one of PC's base lists. There is no need to make ESF rolls for spells from this list.
31 - Psionic: Not in use, reroll.
38 - Herbalist: PC receives +50 to Herb Lore, Use Prepared Herb, Poison Lore and Use/Remove Poison -skills.
39 - Destiny Sense: Not in use, reroll.

3. Items and Money

For one Backround Point PC may make a roll from the tables in Character Law. For two BR-points PC may make a roll from the C&T II (p. 63) table "Item Composition Chart", column "Rich" or "Very Rich" (d10, 1-5 "Rich", 6-10 "Very Rich".

Every character begins with 1-5 random events, which happened in his past. These are rolled from RMC IV (p. 41) table Random Events Chart. Result "Jailed (d100 years)" should be rerolled. Note that very powerful starting equipment may be gained this way, as well as permanent disabilities.