Jimi Kilmister

Jimi Kilmister

Lvl: 13.
Race: Urban Common Man
Age: 27.
Profession: Bard

Home: Unknown.
Aka: Unknown.
Demeanor: Calm, Confident, Passionate.

Faction: Boggo
Banner/Colours: Boggostoliitto
Allies:: All allies of Boggostoliitto
Enemies:: All enemies of Boggostoliitto

RM Stats: CO-81; AG-90; SD-97; ME-97; RE-63; ST-87; QU-85; EM-80; IN-77; PR-97; Appearance: 21.

Highest Skill Bonuses: Two-Weapon Combo (Broadswords) 131; Singing 117; Play Lute 114; Poetic Improvisation 102; Tale Telling 100; Artifact Lore 98; Dragon Lore 98; Spell Lore 98; Undead Lore 98; Warding Lore 98; Stalking 97; Hiding 96.

Languages, Spoken/Written: Westron 10/9; Sindarin 9/9; Quenya 9/9;

OB: Two-Weapon Combo (Broadswords) 131; Broadsword 82.
DB: 32 (without equipment) / 52 (maximum)

Description & Background:

Born to a family of Kilmisters, acknowledged lore masters, a lot was expected of a blonde human boy. Growing in the shadows of seers, astrologers, mentalists and mystics, the new member of the family was expected to swiftly learn the magical secrets of knowledge and wisdom. The boy, however, thought little of the arts of the mind. Instead, he possessed other unique abilities that were to shake the foundations of his elders.

Jimi Kilmister was born with a unique talent for music and arts. With his acute ear for sounds and tunes, he could reproduce any sound he heard. What is more, he completely learned the chords and the dance of tunes of the musical pieces after hearing them once. After a local bard master Marco San Tala had witnessed his own masterpiece performed by the young talent, things moved forward quickly. Jimi was taken under the wing of the bard to master - not the arts of mind - but of music.

Jimi's father had not lost all hope, however. He instructed the bard to include literature studies to the bardic training. To everyone's amazement, the boy had hidden yet another talent. With an amazing ability to remember everything he put his mind to, the bard in training learned many things. Photographic memory, although a rare gift, had passed in the family for centuries. Who said you can't find everything you need in books?

Little did the Kilmister family know, that the bag of talents the boy was born with was still holding one more hidden surprise. After reading of weapons, heroic tales of war and songs of epic battles, the boy's fascination of the art of arms grew during his studies of music and lore. Bard master's swashbuckling friend had once stayed overnight at the bards house. He could not keep the boy off his arsenal, but was amazed of his vast knowledge at such a young age. After betting that the boy could not lift his broadsword, a new page started to turn in the boy's bard-to-be life. With a glow of determination in his eyes while grabbing a set of swords in his both hands, the swords rose and a high pitching shriek of joy filled the air. As promised, the man became boy's tutor in his new hobby: Two-weapon sword fighting. Jimi, a natural born ambidextrous, was at home having his hands full of weaponry. When learning of this, the family was shocked at first, but gradually they could see the unique potential of the boy. In addition, physical exercises offered a good balance between the hard mental training for the arts and lore.

The boy seemed to care little of bardic spells. Instead, he had an innate talent for other spells of the realm of Mentalism. Speed reading was one of the first spells he learned. Using this spell and his gift of photographic memory, Jimi has learned the lores quickly and efficiently.

Jimi Kilmister, of the family of Kilmister, is a man of a thousand skills. The boy himself, although a phenomenal performer, is meek at heart and treasures his time with books, painting and poetry. His yearning for knowledge is endless and he always has an eye for a book or two. Instead of showing off his skills in arms, he often opts for a hike in the hills, searching for ideas for songs and words of meaning. His calm and serene outside holds inside a raging genius that would once in a while break through the facade in a wild lute solo or as a powerful high tenor yell. His unprecedented use of his lute is unique, combining drum-like tapping and quick fingering, making part of the audience search for the rest of the band.

During his travels, Jimi Kilmister has performed in several cities, including Great Marath. For reasons yet undisclosed, there is a warrant for his arrest in Great Marath.


Jimi Kilmister is 167 cm tall and underweight, as most acknowledged musicians. His blue eyes and long blonde hair give away his joy of a care free artist life. He sees everyone as his equal, but he knows better than most how to behave in the presence of his superiors. As an experienced performer, his demeanor is calm and confident.

The lyrics of the hymn of Boggostoliitto were secretly done by Jimi Kilmister. The bard's songs of metal, valor and brotherhood have created a semi-fanatic fan base in the local dwarf population.

Jimi's Principal Items:

Lesser items of note:

Jimi's Special Abilities:

Spells - 78 (78)PP. Knows following spell lists: Open Mentalism "Cloaking" to level 2, "Attack Avoidance" to level 3. Closed Mentalism "Sense Mastery" to level 10, "Gas Manipulation" to level 10. "Movement" to level 3, "Speed" to level 2.