Lvl: ??.
Race: Drow
Profession: Mercenary, Leader of Bregan D'aerthe

Home: Menzoberranzan, Central Underdark
Demeanor: Opportunist

Faction: Bregan D'aerthe
Banner/Colours: Small insignia of a flipped coin
Known allies: King Boggo I, Bregan D'aerthe
Known enemies: None

RM Stats: CO-xx; AG-xx; SD-xx; ME-xx; RE-xx; ST-xx; QU-xx; EM-xx; IN-xx; PR-xx; Appearance: 68.

10 Highest Skill Bonuses:

Languages, Spoken/Written: Common Drow 10/X; Westron 10/X; Sindarin 9/X; Quenya 9/X.

OB: Throw (Dagger) xx; Sabre xx;
DB: XX (without equipment) / XX (maximum)

Description & Background:

Jarlaxle's origins are well hidden, or well kept secret. As a houseless rogue, his ascension to his current position in the hierarchy of the Menzoberranzan drow is phenomenal. Jarlaxle is the ingenious leader of a mercenary group called Bregan D'aerthe. Little liked, but much respected (and feared), he has separated himself and his mercenaries from eternal struggle for power and control waged by ruling matriarchs of Houses grand and petty. There are no doubts that mercenaries of Bregan D'aerthe and its ingenious leader, Jarlaxle, have been involved in downfall of several Houses. Doubts are not enough to give judgement, and there is no evidence to be found.

In the game of intrigue and double-dealing that is everyday life in Menzoberranzan, Jarlaxle has been the best. Even doubts would have been enough for any of the noble Houses to at least attempt to destroy Jarlaxle and his mercenaries completely, but Jarlaxle has been able to make himself too valuable to be eliminated. Every Matron Mother can rely to his services, as long as the price is met. In fact, Jarlaxle is very proud of the fact that noble houses come to him for aid.

Jarlaxle and his group got involved to party's doings after his patrol successfully ambushed party's nightcamp. Jarlaxle made an offer to Boggo, which could not be refused, and recruited party to help him. In return he helped party considerably in their quest to destroy the Pillar of Darkness and end the most potent threath of vampire sisters, Ariel and Fiona, by providing protective cloaks and instant transportation to the very heart of dark pillar.

Afterwards Jarlaxle saved Boggo's queen-to-be, Rakel Liekki, from certain death in the hands of her captor, Dúramael and the orcs serving her. Jarlaxle took Dúramael as captive, planning to transport her to underground city of Menzoberranzan. What he would do to her there is unknown, but a beautiful surface elf is valuable property, and many of the greater Houses are ready to pay huge amount of gold for one.

Jarlaxle fastened his alliance with King Boggo by presenting a gift of unimaginable value to the King at his wedding. The gift was an ship capable of flying according to its pilot wishes and skills of control. This ship was made hobbit-size, and Jarlaxle called it Unknown Flying Obbit or UFO as short. It had deadly weaponry and array of protective measures to keep the pilot safe from harm. Jarlaxle mentioned that the ship is one of its kind. Even Master Smith Eöl was astonished by the feat of drow mages and craftsmen - he had never seen anything like it before.

The mercenary leader's knowledge is vast. He seems to have information from events even on distant lands, and usually information is very up-to-date. However, he rarely gives any information freely, and his help is never free. King Boggo I has been a notable exception, albeit sometimes even the king has had to pay his help with completing different tasks. He is also very tolerant in dealings with races Above, which is a very non-characteristic trait for a drow. He also enjoys to spend private time with other race's members of the opposite sex, as long as the female meets his criteria for beauty, or is attractive enough otherwise.


Jarlaxle stands 5'4" (160cm) tall and is slender, handsome and muscled. His skin is dark violet, and he has dark grey eyes. He commonly wears a leather vest, leaving abdomen bare, leather trousers and a pair of high boots that typically makes loud noise upon his approach (echoing upon the floor, even upon surfaces such as soft carpeting where such sounds should not be possible), but which can be made to be loud or silent at his discretion. He also wears an eye patch, which he often shifts from eye to eye. Unlike any other drow party has ever met (or heard of), Jarlaxle's head is shaved clean.

Even more notable than his boots and eye patch is wide-brimmed hat, plumed with a gigantic feather. According to Rakel, this feather is actually a bird large enough to allow Jarlaxle mount its back. While he has a long gold-bronze saber, his weapons of choice are throwing daggers. On top of this, it is rumoured that Jarlaxle carries several magical items with him, varying from rings and brooches to weapons and garments.

Jarlaxle is a master of disguise, albeit he sometimes deliberately leaves some obvious telltale sign for everyone to see. He knows several languages fluently, and some with different accents. If he wishes to walk unnoticed on any village or city in the World Above, he has all the skills and means to do so. He is also very smooth with words, often using phrases and words with double meaning. To unwary, it might be sometimes difficult to interpret what he actually said - and what he did not say.

Jarlaxle's Principal Items:

Lesser items of note: