Lvl: 24
Race: Silvan Elf
Profession: Warrior Mage

Home: Maluial; later Bogonlinna; later Galadriel's camp
Demeanor: Confident, Passionate, Loyal

Faction: Queen Galadriel
Banner/Colours: Mallorn Leaf
Known allies: Boggostoliitto
Known enemies: King Marath XIV, The Mainland

RM Stats: CO-97; AG-97 SD-70; ME-73; RE-72; ST-97; QU-98; EM-73; IN-97; PR-92; Appearance: 47.

10 Highest Skill Bonuses:

Languages, Spoken/Written: Bethteur 8/8; Sindarin 7/7; Westron 7/7; Quenya 7/7 Northron 4/0.

OB: Broadsword 186; Long Bow 143; Long Sword 137; Dagger 133; Short Bow 83.
DB: 38 (without equipment) / xx (maximum)

Description & Background:

The Elven maid known as Cúlindë was born in the haven of Maluial, named after the lake it was built next to, the Golden Lake. A second child and first daughter of the Ranger-Captain father and herbalist mother, she enjoyed safe and merry childhood, and learned a bit from both of her parents. While her older brother, Macilindë, devoted his studies to the art of swordfighting, and prowess in physical combat, young Cúlindë preferred to learn to master the longbow. When the tree saplings in Cúlindë's youth had grown to towering trees, her family was blessed with a third child; a healthy boy, who was named Curulindë. The newborn was loved by everyone, and in his days of youth, his interests lied in spellcraft and sorcery.

The bliss of their family ended suddenly. While enjoying a stroll and hunt in the woods, like they have done countless times before, children and father were ambushed by patrol of a peculiar race of men called Woses. Their small group was quickly overwhelmed by malicious poisons and sheer manpower of the attackers. All were taken as captives, and after interrogations her brothers and father were killed. Little she knew at that time; the capture was a prelude to much larger scale assault, which became war between Silvan elves and the dark Woses. The elves claimed victory after a series of fierce battles, but victory was sour. Many of the fairborn were dead, their grace gone from this world forever.

As the elven forces advanced through an abandoned Wose camp, they found a naked, beaten and unconscious female elf shackled in a pit of excrement. She was Cúlindë. Once back in her home, her mother took care of her, and healed her body and mind with her crafts. She could not restore her memory though; the wise deducted that Cúlindë had barred her experiences and memories to deep and dark part of her mind, behind sealed gates and locked doors.

Cúlindë's spirit, however, was unbroken. After recovering, she joined the special forces of her king, noble Oropher of Sindar. She was accepted after explaining her reasons: "I want to know the bow better, but I want to honour my fallen brothers and father. Teach me the ways of the sword, and secrets of spellcraft, and how to move in the wilderness unseen!". Thus began her long training to become an expert of reconnaissance and the most demanding operations; a single person whose skills matched a company.

During her time of duty, Cúlindë undertook several missions, alwaus honing her skills. Thus she continued, until her last mission. As the War was raging on, she was tasked to release and return a noble lady, princess Alquawen, currently held in the Castle Cameth Brin. Her small patrol were supposed to enter the castle few hours before the dawn, when men were least alert, find the princess and return immediately. However, she was betrayed.

While keeping watch on the very night of the mission, one of her rangers faked meditating, and instead rose quietly and stabbed her back with his dagger. Unconscious, she fell to the grass, only to be awoken in a different spot where their camp had been. She did not know how long she had been unconscious, but she was famished. She also couldn't fail to notice the clean bandages on her waist. There were no-one to say thanks to, and no sign of anyone having been nearby. The Castle, and the village below it, were all but destroyed. Trying to find explanations to the events happened, she searched the ruins and nearby woods, but found no other sign of life than huge bears and other wildlife. Thus she could not enter the Castle, and while she knew about secret backdoor, she never found it.

For the next six centuries she lived a peaceful, but most lonely life. Then, on one day, her life changed completely - again. Boggo and his group encountered her, while she was meditating on a riverbank. Wearing nothing but rags and her weapons, she was startled at first, but soon learned the group was not hostile. They decided to aid her in her last mission, and once it was complete, she gladly joined the group in order to get some company. And the group had several male elves too, and one of them was especially striking - and reminded her of his father in many ways...


Cúlindë is 6'5" (193cm) tall and very lithe. She has green eyes, sandy hair to the shoulders and ruddy skin. She is a seasoned warrior mage, wielding sword and sorcery at equal ease. She compliments her formidable fighting skills with deadly precision with longbow. She has also trained long sword and dagger. Outside the combat, she knows very few spells.

She is married to Elanor, the ranger who resembled his father so much. They have two adorable children, twins Finwë and Míriel. The whole family is enjoying their life in Artamar, the sheltered and safe village ruled by Queen Galadriel. Under the calm and tender surface, however, Cúlindë's emotions are a storm. Her old companion, healer Sir Wainamrun, Denyer of the Death, spoke her at the royal wedding of King Boggo I and Queen Rakel in such a manner, that all the sudden she was uncertain if she wanted to spend next few centuries at home. She does not want to wait until the enemy comes to her and people she secretly had sworn to protect, but she does not want to leave her husband and children either. This is why she is torn.

On the other hand, while she has witnessed the skills of King Boggo's group and power they wield and has mostly fond memories of her time in the group, she is afraid of the ghosts of her pasts, and the dreadful events happening again. This time, however, she would be more prepared, more skilled, and more determined.

Cúlindë's Principal Items:

Lesser items of note:

Spells - 150 PP. Knows following spell lists:
Warrior Mage Base "Combat Ways" to level 18, "Combat Illusions" to level 18, "Warrior's Enchancements" to level 20, "Warrior's Weapon" to level 25, "Will of the Warrior" to level 10
Open Essence "Rune Mastery" to level 2, "Sustain Body" to level 7.
Closed Essence "Shield Mastery" to level 10, "Lofty Bridge" to level 10, "Familiar Mastery" to level 3.