Algor Ironhand

Lvl: 16
Race: Dwarf
Profession: Layman (Miner)/Castellan

Home: Khizal-Biriz in Golden Hills; later Gareth; later Bogonlinna in Boggostoliitto.
Demeanor: Polite, Stout, Reserved
Aka: "The Big Pick"

Faction: Boggo
Banner/Colours: Boggostoliitto
Known allies: All allies of Boggostoliitto
Known enemies: All enemies of Boggostoliitto

RM Stats: CO-xx; AG-xx; SD-xx; ME-xx; RE-xx; ST-xx; QU-xx; EM-xx; IN-xx; PR-xx; Appearance: 28

10 Highest Skill Bonuses:
Languages, Spoken/Written: Khuzdul 7/7; Westron 7/7; Sindarin 6/6;

OB: War Mattock xx; Hand Axe xx; Heavy Crossbow xx;
DB: xx (without equipment) / x (maximum)

Description & Background:

Born to a family of a respected master smith, directly in service of Dwarf King Arindim I, Algor had an easy childhood and youth. Instead of following the art of smithing like his younger brothers, Algor was more interested in stones, stonework, tunnels and passages and ways of the underground. Closest to his heart was the art of mining. Thus, it is no wonder that he joined King's Miners as soon as he was allowed to. Not after long, supervisors noticed young dwarf's talent and natural ability to find the veins and ways to get them. Soon Algor was in charge of his own group of miners, and eventually he became the Master Chief of the Royal Mines.

Eventually Algor's relatively peaceful life changed. Not long before the Plague ravaged the Mainland, King Arindim I issued a new task to Algor; the task was meant to be kept secret. He was to gather a group of his most trusted miners, and a few dwarves from the Guardians. As the custom was, King himself had told the General of the Guardians certain details of the task, but Algor's miners weren't told much. It did not matter. Dwarves kept Algor in high regard and were eaget to follow him where-ever he was going to. Ram Mulik, a notable dwarf of his own accord, was one of the six Guardians.

While Algor sat harboring dark thoughts in the darkening eve after Podek's words about plague on the mine of Golden Donkey near Gareth and Great Marath, he heard it just like everyone else. First very quiet and distant, and serene in a strange way. Then more and more bells joined the toll, and the sound became cacophony. Plague Bells. Algor had kept his wits; he wasn't the kind to pass time drinking as much as a dwarf could. None of his selected miners were, and Guardians were forbidden to drink while on a mission. Few hours earlier Ram and Bhushan had left on their own ventures - "to find something more suitable to a dwarf belly than raw cod!" - and haven't returned yet. Algor did not want to abandon his these two dwarves, but after hearing the screams of townsfold and smelling the scent of burning timber, he had no choice. He wanted to save those who were with him.

It soon became obvious that the only way out was on the Docks. Guardians made way for the group, and purely by chance they stumbled near the Prayer of Albatross. Algor showed his last coins to a sailor who looked like a captain, and quickly marched to the ship without saying any other word than "from King Arindim". Captain was taken by complete surprise, and when he recovered, dwarves were already on the boat helping the crew as best as they could. While they had no skills, they had strength - and weapons.

It was soon after this Algor first laid eyes on Boggo, even though he had no idea who Boggo was, and even less who he would become. All he saw was an uncertain, soaked hobbit standing slightly behind a noble looking dúnadan. Algor paid no more attention to either of them.

After the wreck Algor had quickly organised the surviving citizens. They built a small hut village to give some protection, and forest and sea provided food for everyone. The bliss changed too soon. A man named Zenon had talked something about building a podium for a Mirror, and something in his voice was so enthralling, that villagers gladly did as he instructed. Last memory before the shattering of the mirror was a celebration party and the revealing of the Mirror.

Owing his life to Boggo, he agreed to lead the villagers to Boggo's Keep in the south. While preparing villagers to the journey he tried to find his own fold as well. A few of them he found, but his Guardians were nowhere to be seen. Later he learned that they had died defending the helpless, and were mercilessly cut down by hordes of orcs and strange elves. Due their training they had resisted the power of the Mirror better than others.

Not much later Boggo trusted Algor as his Castellan, and gave the Keys of Boggo's Keep to him. Algor had a new lord - later to be a king - to serve, but he had not forgotten his kin in the Golden Hills.


Algor is a typical dwarf in every aspect. He has reddish-brown braided hair, bushy eyebrows of same colour, and forked, braided beard all the way to the waist. He stands 4'8" (140cm) tall and has stocky complexion. In duties involving administration, he prefers to wear formal yet comfortable clothing, but in battle and formal ceremonies he uses full plate armour made of steel.

Algor is practical and honest above all. He gives his unbiased opinion when asked, even if the opinion is against his ruler's wishes. He is a bit shy of higher authorities though, and sometimes have trouble to express his true desires. However, he follows the orders of his liege, even if they conflict with his own advice. Algor treats others fairly and justly; he would never harm an innocent person, or seek malicious revenge, or take part on treachery of any kind. He has gained firm footing in Boggo's Keep, and is kept in high regard by everyone working in the Keep.

When not on duty (which is almost always) he is usually found from the tunnels and mines of his dwarven friends. He still likes to get his hands dirty and "to cut my nails against the stone", like he says it himself. He will always give helpful advice on engineering, and is responsible for founding huge veins of iron quite close to the Keep. This iron has been key reason why Bogonlinna's sentries and garrison enjoy the luxury of having high quality steel weapons and armour.

Algor has given some responsibility to others as well. However, due recent changes in the World he has been forced to take all the leads to himself again - when King is not on the royal throne - to keep everything going on as smoothly as possible. Once the dust settles for good, he hopes he can delegate routine tasks to his servants and other personnel in the Keep, and spend more time swinging his pick in the mines.

Algor's Principal Items:

Lesser items of note: